Loco Zombie Kite Board Action from Northumberland

Slates the bay being gay

Hey Locos!

After a long wait for some usable wind we were keen to get our new 2016 Loco kite board models out on the water. With the promise of a solid F5 SE on the cards Joe grabbed one of his talented/objective strapless pals and they headed up to Northumberland to a secret spot which lent itself to the prevailing direction. The boys arrived about 1pm to catch the incoming tide and were met with nice clean peeling waves and a steady wind. Without delay a 5’6” Zombie was unwrapped, finned and waxed then it was down to the beach to get some air into Jonny’s 9m foil.

All was looking good until they got to the water’s edge when the wind decided to almost disappear for the best part of an hour so even with Jonny’s pro kite flying skills he couldn’t find enough to hit a lip with any any gusto despite several props-worthy attempts.

Loco Aztec SUP Wave Kiting Smack

Thankfully Joe had his trusty 8’1” Aztec SUP in the van so Jonny decided to give that a blast. Despite it’s voluminous proportions it wasn’t long before Tynemouth’s local charger had the SUP carving down the line and searching out the occasional lip smack.

Thankfully as the tide pushed in a bit more the fan finally turned on so we could swap out the SUP for our mini Simmons inspired Zombie. The shape, with is straight rails and deep channels, lends itself perfectly for instant speed perfect for aerial manoeuvres and maximum spray off the top!


It wasn’t long before Jonny had the board dialled in and was charging in and out, pointing high upwind before launching his down the line smack attack. Considering the swell was backing off and he’d mentioned a back issue on the way up and was not long back from an ACL injury as well you’d never have known watching from the shallows.

Loco Zombie kite board throwing spray

When he came in for a break the Zombie was certainly attracting some interest on the beach with the black carbon rails and stand out graphics being a huge hit (even with windsurfers!). Conscious of fading light Joe suggested he got a few more runs in to see if they could get a few more shots to show the board in it’s best light.

Zombie kiteboard top turn

As dusk set in Jonny exited the brine, the lads de-rigged and packed the van ready for the drive home. Jonny, who’s ridden for various brands in the past, provided some great feedback. In a nutshell the Zombie is a nice bit of kit, aimed more at the trick/wave freestyle strapless guy but more than capable as an all-round wave board.


The construction is solid with not a mark on the 5’6” after some full power crashes. Jonny particularly liked the carbon rails and was impressed with the quality of the fins. Overall a massive thumbs up although he’s keen to test the 5’6” El Diablo in tomorrow’s storm conditions so stay tuned for more full throttle Loco action!


Big thanks to Jonny for taking our new baby for a test drive and providing some great feedback. The shape has massively improved from last year’s model as evidenced by interest levels both here in the UK and abroad. If you’d like to organise a demo locally or would like to stock either model for 2016 please get in touch now to discuss for Spring delivery.

Words/Photos: Loco SUP