Paddleboarding the Ouse: A Journey Through Historic York on a Loco Amigo Air

paddleboarding in York

As I steadied my Loco Amigo Air inflatable board on the serene waters of the Ouse, the sun cast an orange glow on the ancient city walls of York, reflecting off the surface in ripples of golden light. This wasn't just another paddleboarding trip; it was a voyage into the heart of one of England's most historic cities.


The Loco Amigo Air Experience

When it comes to inflatable paddleboards, the Loco Amigo Air has redefined my expectations. Sleek, stable, and sturdy, it effortlessly glides through water, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike. The ease of inflating and deflating the board meant I could start my adventure promptly, without fuss. Plus, its compact storage size made it a breeze to travel with, ensuring no ancient alley in York was off-limits.


A Journey Back in Time

With every stroke, I felt the rich tapestry of York's history come alive around me. From the looming Clifford’s Tower, a testament to the city’s Norman roots, to the intricate architecture of the York Minster, there was no shortage of sights to behold.

The Ouse gently winds its way through the city, offering a unique perspective of York's blend of medieval and modern architecture. The sensation of floating through the heart of this ancient metropolis on my Loco Amigo Air, with centuries-old landmarks looming large on either side, was nothing short of surreal.


Refuelling Stops Along the Way

But even a seasoned paddleboarder needs to take a break and refuel. Thankfully, York boasts an array of culinary delights right on the riverbanks:

- **The Star Inn The City**: A stone's throw from the Museum Gardens, this stylish eatery offers modern British cuisine using local produce. The riverside terrace is a must for a midday meal or a sundown cocktail.

- **The Perky Peacock**: Nestled in a tower overlooking the Ouse, this charming coffee shop serves artisan brews and delicious cakes. It's a perfect spot for a morning caffeine kick or a sweet afternoon treat.

- **Dyls Café & Bar**: Housed in a historic motor house on Skeldergate Bridge, Dyls is a quirky gem offering a variety of drinks and light bites. The balcony views of the Ouse make it a must-visit, especially during the golden hour.


The Return

As I made my way back to my starting point, the sun set, bathing York in a warm, purple hue. With the Loco Amigo Air board beneath me and the Ouse's gentle currents guiding me, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the marvels of modern engineering that allowed me such intimate access to history and for the culinary wonders that fuelled my journey.

If you're looking for a truly immersive experience of York, I can't recommend paddleboarding the Ouse on a Loco Amigo Air enough. It's a journey of history, food, and soulful reflection all rolled into one.

So, to all my fellow adventurers, here's my invitation: Dive into York’s history, refuel with its present, and float into a promising future. The Ouse awaits!