Phil May Gets Sectioned with Team Loco

Phil May Podiums on his Loco

Team Get Sectioned would like to welcome along south coast ripper Phil May to the Loco asylum. We look forward to watching Phil rip, shred and tear his way around the many beaches and stretches of water he’ll be frequenting with his new Loco toys. Over the next few months Phil will be putting his brand new Loco tools to good use and absolutely killing the competition.

Mr May is just another convert in a long line of SUP rippers from the south coast who is switching to the Loco brand. We wish him well in his quest for SUPer stardom and look forward to seeing his updates from the coming autumn and winter.

*** STOP PRESS – Phil May takes first place in Suffolk SUPtember Race! Awesome job and congrats from Loco stand up paddle boarding. ***

Phil with his winners medal and trophy

Welcome to the asylum Phil May!