Pre-SUP sesh choon up – music for getting amped

Pre-SUP sesh choon up – music for getting amped

Pre-SUP sesh choon up – music for getting amped

We all need a little motivation sometimes – if it’s chilly out, you’re having an off day, that fuzzy ‘night before’ head is lingering or your heart rate needs pumping in anticipation of that big race – whatever the reason, music is a good way to psych up for your imminent stand up paddle board sesh.

Earcans on; no better way to psych up for an imminent sesh – pic Skullcandy

A bunch of Loco SUP team riders were asked to give their top five pre-SUP session amp up tunes; here’s what they said – eclecticism abound:

Joe Thwaites (Loco boss man)

  • Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
  • We Are The People – Empire Of The Sun
  • Lose Yourself – Eminem
  • Pressure – Point Zutons
  • One off track (Kai Lenny vid) – Beck

Gerald (recently sectioned Loco Asylum inmate – currently sedated with meds)

  • International – Chase & Status (Skrillex remix)
  • Heartbeat – Wilkinson
  • Lazerbeam – ShockOne (Skism remix)
  • The Raver – Ayah Marar (Xilent remix)
  • Freefall VIP – Metrik

Neil Jules Craig (Loco team rider)

  • Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
  • Kids – Sleigh Bells
  • Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
  • I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen
  • Hurricane – Bob Dylan

Doug Paton (Loco team rider)

  • The Ocean – Led Zeppelin
  • Heavy Soul – Black Keys
  • Voodoo Chile – Jimi Hendrix
  • Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
  • Get It On – T-Rex

Lorna Dalgleish (Loco team rider)

  • Odesza – My Friends
  • Never Die Band Of Skulls – Death By Diamonds And Pearls
  • Blood Red Shoes – It’s Getting Boring By The Sea
  • Savant – Splinter (original)
  • Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm

Phil May (Loco team rider)

  • Wake Up – Arcade Fire
  • Sail (AWOL Nation cover) – Lyrical Nation
  • FIGJAM – Butterfingers
  • Rollin’ – Limp Bizkit
  • Original Don – Major Lazer

Mrs P (recently sectioned Loco Asylum resident – currently restricted by straitjacket)

  • Harder Than You Think – Public Enemy
  • American Idiot – Green Day
  • Feel The Love – Rudimental
  • Chocolate – The 1975
  • My Number – Foals

Inmate X (Loco Asylum inmate – solitary confinement and medicated until next large swell)

  • Fucking Hostile -Pantera
  • Back The Fuck Up – Fear Factory
  • Hurting Not Helping – Bury Your Dead
  • This Calling – All That Remains
  • Watch You Bleed – Five Finger Death Punch

What are your top tunes to get worked up over before heading off for a float?