SUP for Kids

Young Finn Gamblin Paddle Surfing

Where would we be without the ‘yoof’ of today? New blood is the key to keeping everything fresh and moving forwards. We need kids to get involved and eventually step into our shoes, push the boundaries and kick the oldies out – this isn’t just with SUP either.

Finn Gamblin setting it up at Watergate – pic Joe Thwaites

Loco are investing heavily in the development of groms – in fact this year’s surf SUP championships, Watergate Bay, featured young Finn Gamblin who certainly did the job of showing up and blowing up! Finn is a great little surfer and the transition from surfboard to stand up was relatively easy. The cheeky northern chappy is now frothing.

Head boss man Joe Thwaites believes emphatically in the nurturing and development of groms as currently the majority of paddlers are somewhere between the ages of 25 and 45 – none are getting any younger.

Joe believes in the kids of SUP so much that a portion of the next board batch coming from the Loco stable has been produced with young rippers in mind. More manoeuvrable, manageable, lighter and applicable to the younger rider, these new Loco SUPs will have your offspring bashing the shizzle out of thick lips before you know it.

Finn squirts it at Watergate Bay – pic Joe Thwaites

You only have to look at the pool of grom talent coming from overseas. During the last few seasons younger sweepers have been pushing up through the ranks in everything from SUP racingSUP surfing to inland river SUP. Although no longer technically groms, some of the best paddlers on the planet, Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter, have pulled the rug from under the feet of the older brigade –Jamie Mitchell, Danny Ching and Travis Grant. It’s only a matter of time before the next crew of stick wielders start knocking the latest SUPer stars of their perches.

Kids are primed for SUP development. During those early years learning those fundamentals will prepare them for taking on the big boys (and girls). Groms generally show no fear and with skills to pay the bills under their belts; toppling the usual podium finishers could be a common occurrence.

Equipment plays a massive part in youth development. Having a big log underfoot is never going to allow kids to learn and develop the skills they need for progression. For those early first steps into the sport a massive tanker is fine, but after a while, more applicable SUPs will be needed and Loco will shortly be able to supply the right toys for getting the job done.

Expensive price points can also be an issue, but Loco’s commitment to keeping things affordable will ensure you’ll be able to give you’re little rippers the right kit without breaking the bank.

If you’re a parent who’s thinking about getting their son or daughter into stand up paddle boarding then why not give Mr T a call. With his extensive experience of coaching all ages and having a key hand in the design process of kid specific SUPs, you’ll get the best advice on how to move forward with getting your offspring addicted to SUP.

Loco – getting groms sectioned!

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