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SUP wars – SUP surfing vs River SUP
As more people discover the versatility and diversity of stand up paddle boarding a plethora of new locations and environments are springing up. No longer confined to just open sea, SUP can be practiced anywhere there’s a puddle – literally. Those choosing...
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SUP Wars #3 – SUP vs Pole Dancing
It’s that time again, when Loco stand up paddle boarding grabs two seemingly unrelated disciplines and drags them kicking and screaming into the ring. Sit back, relax and witness the third bout in Loco’s SUP Wars series – this time...
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SUP wars – SUP vs Wingsuiting
In the first of a regular series we check out other types of adrenaline sport and put them head to head with our beloved SUP.  The thrilling SUP wars – SUP vs Wingsuiting! Dive into the adrenaline-pumping clash between stand-up...
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