The female of the (SUP) species

Fi Plaveniaks SUP Surfing

Just as with our frothing offspring, desperate for the right kit to rip, the more delicate female of the species seem to have been overlooked during SUPs testosterone fuelled renaissance. ‘Driving’ a log around a busy surf break is fine if you’re stacked, ripped and torn from the same cloth as Laird, Chuck and the like. Chiselled muscle and forearms the size of tree trunks with power to match a JCB – oversized SUPs can be made to behave and do exactly as they’re told when you have brute force on your side.

But those feather light wispy willows out there also need something to carve an arc on – particularly if the SUP industry is to break out of its box and become mass appeal. Enter stage left Loco SUP who spotted this issue a while ago and have since gone through stages of addressing the problem and producing stand up kit for the ladies of SUP to get the job done.

Loco have already announced plans to invest heavily in the yoof market. And as Aaron Rowe’s stand out performance at the La Torche Pro, France, has shown, this is a sound decision. Nuturing new blood is definitely a winner. However, moving onwards and upwards; Loco also want to spark the interest of female riders and have them give the boys a run for their money.

Let’s be honest, what would you rather watch? A big gruff Gorilla dropping in or a lady ripper, deftly threading the needle but with much more finesse and technique – Loco know what they’d prefer…

Women’s SUP is getting bigger by the day and plenty more of the fairer sex are taking up a paddle in readiness for ‘sweeping’ the oceans of the world. That momentum needs to be nurtured and encouraged, but this can only be accomplished by having the correct tools for the job.

The next shipment of rip sticks from Loco, due to drop towards the end of November, will feature spanking new lightweight constructions specifically with lady paddlers in mind. Not only will women now be able to nab a progressive SUP shape, optimised for bashing lips and hooking cutbacks; they’ll now come with weight saving attributes (without a loss of durability) making even the daintiest of rider’s capable of whacking, hacking and slashing their way to wave riding nirvana.

Pre-orders are now being taken for lightweight 8.11ft’s and 7.10ft’s – both stand out wave slaying shapes in the Loco line up. Brand new 8.3ft X 28.5”, 7.9ft X 27.25” and 7.3ft X 26” shapes will also be landing hot from the shaping bay in readiness for the winter wave season.

With realistic price points, female friendly constructions and a commitment to providing high end performance orientated products, Loco continues their forward march and aim of getting everybody sectioned.

For more information about pre-orders and prices, give Loco a tinkle on + 44 7779 127230 or drop them an email at