The Loco Logger Hard Surf SUP: Small Wave Magnet at South Shields

Joe catches an ankle biting wave

Every surfer knows that the board you ride can make or break your day, especially when the ocean seems less than cooperative. On a seemingly lacklustre day at South Shields, with the waves peaking at a gutless 1ft, Loco's very own Joe Thwaites decided to put the Loco Logger Hard Surf SUP to the test. And oh, what a delightful revelation it was!

From the get-go, the Logger showcased its unparalleled glide and early entry. The most surprising element? Just how effortlessly this board caught waves, turning what could have been a disappointing day into one filled with endless rides. Joe's astonishment was palpable, realizing that the Logger's prowess wasn't restricted to medium or large waves.

Indeed, its reputation on sizable swells is well-established. Many of the UK's elite paddle surfers already swear by the Logger, incorporating it as a go-to performance longboard SUP in their ever-ready, forecast-chasing quiver. It's not just a board; it's a promise of performance, irrespective of the wave conditions.

The Logger's magic lies in its ability to transform ordinary into extraordinary. South Shields may not have promised much, but under the Logger's spell, every ripple turned into a rideable wave. This board doesn't just work; it excels, turning mediocrity into memorable sessions.

And so, after a day that saw more waves caught than anticipated, there was only one way to celebrate – with the crispy indulgence of chips from Colemans and a refreshing pint at the Crabshack. The Loco Logger not only elevated the surf but also ensured spirits were high and the day was well spent. It was a testament to the fact that with the right board underfoot, there's no such thing as a bad day at the beach.