Thorpy - gets - sectioned

paddle surfer at watergate bay

Loco stand up paddle boarding are pleased to welcome Steve Thorp to the asylum.

The Loco – Thorpy gets Sectioned! This pedal redefines distortion, offering unparalleled versatility and power. From gritty overdrive to bone-crushing fuzz, experience a spectrum of tones that'll leave your audience in awe. Get ready to dominate the stage and studio with this game-changing effects pedal.

Steve (or Thorpy), for those with a windy background, is a renowned vagabond journeyman who is happy to put in the miles to score sick conditions. If there’s even the merest sniff of a wave or breeze then Thorpy is on it, literally travelling the length and breadth of the UK to get his fix.

Thorpy ripping – pic courtesy Trudy

Steve also owns K4 Fins (Loco SUPs come supplied with K4 fin upgrades) which are fast becoming recognised as the ‘go to’ foil of choice for a variety of watersports disciplines.

Having finally seen the light, ST has now become a fully-fledged member of the get sectioned team and we look forward to hearing stories of big waves, mammoth road trips and calamitous chaos in the never ending bid to score the ultimate ride.

Welcome aboard Steve Thorp…