Tina Beresford joins the Loco SUP Asylum

Tina Beresford joins the Loco SUP Asylum

Boss man Joey T caught up with new inmate Tina Beresford to find out a little bit more about her achievements to date and what we can expect to see from her in the next 12 months.

Name:  Tina Beresford

Age: 28

Tell us a little about yourself?

I started surfing around 10 years ago when I was at University in Sheffield and became obsessed! From then on all my spare time was spent surfing, planning surf trips and dreaming of surfing. I started to progress properly when I travelled round the world on a surf trip and had lots of time in the water at lots of different beaches. I first tried stand up paddle boarding on that trip when I went to Hawaii and since then I started hiring boards now and then. Currently I live in Newquay where I surf most days as long as there are waves and I’ve taken up SUPing properly with the intent to get as good as I possibly can!

sup3Which discipline is your favourite and why?

I do love short boarding and long boarding, but SUPing is my favourite of all water sports.

What are your local spots like; typical conditions and moods?

At the moment I live near Towan beach, Newquay’s most sheltered bay. It’s great for longboarding and SUPing especially when everywhere else is too big and blown out. But I’m not far from Fistral, Crantock and Watergate so I’m spoilt and have a beach that works in most conditions!

sup1Where’s your favourite place to ride in the UK?

Probably Crantock, Perran Sands or Fistral. All pick up lots of swell during the summer and are great SUPing beaches. Except Fistral when its the weekend or peak season as then it’s too busy!

And the rest of the world? 

Love surfing the summer waves peeling off the sand banks in France, had some great waves in Morocco and Hawaii was pretty amazing. Now my surfing is at a higher level I’d love to go back to South Africa and California. There’s so many other places I’d love to go to surf,  Costa Rica, Bali, Peru… to name just a few.

Describe your perfect session? 

Offshore, peeling  4ft -5ft right handers in the Sunshine!


Give us an insight into your typical day? 

Usually get up at first light to get a surf before work and then head in as soon as I finish!

What attracted you to Loco? 

Great range of good quality boards, love that it’s a Northern brand!

What gear will you be rocking in 2014? 

Currently loving the Loco 7’10” for my sessions , but keen to try the 7’4 and the much anticipated new 7’9” Pro. Being a lighter rider it’s great to see a brand actually making boards small enough for ladies and kids getting into the sport. I’m also rocking Loco’s carbon wave paddle which is super light, fast to paddle and has a textured shaft for extra grip which I’d not seen before.


Got any trips planned this year? If so, where are you heading?

Mostly exploring the UK beaches this year so will be surfing Cornwall and Devon mostly. Have plans to head to Wales and the North East for a few waves and then maybe even Scotland and Ireland. All surf dependant of course! Next year I’ll definitely have some abroad trips planned to warmer waters!

Do you have any plans to enter any comps – SUP or otherwise? 

Will be entering the SUP Nationals at Watergate this October. I’m also entering the BLU longboard competition series and a few short board comps. Always learn something at every contest and have improved on my surfing in some way or another!

Any specific moves you’re training at the moment? 

Cutbacks on the Sup are fun I’m working on getting good at them!

Who do you normally ride with?

Mostly with my boyfriend, my cousin Jess and friends who live in and around Newquay.

2014-05-25 19.47.12

Dogs or cats? 

Dogs, as long as it’s a proper dog not one that fits in a handbag.

Bacon or sausage? 

Bacon, the best ingredient in my favourite sandwich the BLT.

Hot or cold? 

Definitely Hot, I’m designed to live in a hot country, why I’m in England I’m not 100% sure.

Stay tuned for more from Tina!

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