Tina Beresford tests our new 2015 7’9” Loco SUP

Tina Beresford tests our new 2015 7’9” Loco SUP

Hey Locos!

It’s been a busy week at The Asylum with the first of the 2015 surf sticks going out to our Loco SUP inmates. Meds consumed & gear packed Tina Beresford was up with the larks over the weekend to test drive her new 7’9” x 27.5” @ 91L Loco SUP. The location was Godrevy Beach where she met up with Sarah Clark from Checkered Photography.


Boss man Joey T caught up with Tina to her initial thoughts on the new board and find out how it compared to the 7’10” Short SUP she’s been using to date.

Joe – Sounds like an early start even by your standards T?! So how was it?

Tina – Perfect size for trying the 7’9” and super glassy so I couldn’t ask for much more….well apart from an extra hour in my pit! The lines were super clean and were peeling nicely which made for effortless drop ins on the shoulder and once I was up and riding the 7’9” really came alive. This board is much more performance driven and is the closest thing I’ve ridden to a conventional short board.


Joe – So you liked it? Great! How’s the weight for a smaller person and what do you think of the aesthetic?

Tina – Even with the tide out and a long carry up the beach the board was dead easy to carry. Loving the new handle as it’s much less likely to slip out of your hand than the old one. In terms of the look I think the bright blue with black carbon rails and white pin line really set this board apart from what’s out there at the moment. It’s certainly been attracting plenty interest on the beaches down here in Cornwall.


Joe – so is the 7’9” Loco SUP a board anyone can jump on like the price point versions of our short SUPs?

Tina – I’d say kids could probably get on with this size straight away however compared to the Short SUPs the 7’9” takes a bit more technique to paddle and doesn’t have the same directional stability with a narrower tail and a couple of inches less width than the 7’10” I’d been using. It also has 25L less float which means a bit less glide and with a pointier nose it’s not as easy to paddle in. That said the pointy nose has it’s advantages getting over larger foam on the way out. For me this board will be great for kids or intermediate to expert lightweights and ladies looking for a performance shape.


Joe – So how’s the training going for next month’s Nationals at Watergate?

Tina – Pretty pleased with my progress so far and now I’ve got the 7’9” I’m confident I can make more dynamic turns. Difficult to say how I’ll stack up against the other ladies but I’ve been watching plenty videos on youtube and I am learning more about what scores you points for using the paddle. All in all feeling pretty confident we just need some waves that weekend!


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