2021 Loco Inflatable Foil Wing Range


2021 Loco Inflatable Foil Wing Range

  • Unrivalled build quality
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent drive
  • Supplied with a bag
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2021 Loco Inflatable Foil Wing Range

Our 2021 Loco Inflatable Foil Wing Range has been developed with ease of use in mind. We are providing 2 keys sizes to cover the majority of conditions beginner and improvers will be foiling in. For average weight users we recommend the 5m as a great starting point with a 6m for lighter wind use of for use by heavier riders who don’t have experience of wind sports and may need a little extra pull to get them up onto the plane. That said our hybrid hydrofoil is VERY efficient so it is possible for heavier guys to also use the 5m with some success from the get go provided they’ve done a bit of windsurfing or kiting before.

Build quality and branding are on point and match with the current branding across the range ensuring your kit looks amazing both on and off the water. Interest is high so if you want to guarantee your wing and other foiling kit ahead of mid-summer when we restock we recommend you lock down a pre-order and secure our introductory pricing which is set to rise due to huge freight costs.

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5m, 6m