Loco 2016 Team Rider and Ambassador Programme

Loco 2016 Team Rider and Ambassador Programme

After another fantastic year we’re starting to to see some real interest in our extensive range of products both domestically and overseas. With our new boards set to land next month we’re looking to bolster our team with some motivated riders and ambassadors across our SUP, surf and kite production boards. We’ll also be working with an established UK factory to offer custom windsurf boards which should interest those looking for a bespoke performance outline at a sensible price point!

Our aim is to have a motivated Loco at every popular surfing, SUPing, kiting and sailing spot in the UK. Having had our fingers burned a couple times by riders who promise lots but then deliver very little we’re very conscious of attracting the right kind of interest. Being a rider or ambassador comes with responsibilities; we expect our team to actively promote the brand, take regular photos and disseminate them on social media, provide blogs from any road trips or foreign holidays and make themselves available for team meetings and training sessions. In return you’ll receive our support in the form or free to use or discounted kit based around your skills or amount of value you can add with ‘regular pimping’. We’re defintiely NOT looking for endless action-less selfies like some of Facebook’s self-proclaimed SUP rock stars.


It’s important to us that riders and ambassadors are fully on-board with the fact that Loco is a UK brand that has been consistently at the bleeding edge of SUP development since it’s inception in 2012. With feedback on our surf and kite shapes being just as positive and with some exciting outlines already in place for our new custom windsurf programme we’ll be positioning ourselves as that ‘out there brand’ aimed at innovators within their given sport.

We’ve spent the last 6 months finely tuning our constructions so as to maximise durability but not at the expense of weight at the price point end of what we do and  are now proud to announce that we can get our boards almost as light a mass produced moulded carbon boards using traditional hand laid up techniques.

Those of you who follow our blog may have already seen our new range for the coming season. We’re super proud to unveil the world’s first parabolic railed SUP in our Aztec and we see this being a popular shape both across the pond as well as being perfect for smaller UK and European waves.

As a brand who has always supported groms we’re equally amped to unveil the first 10’6” x 24” hard race board aimed specifically at children who want to compete on a proper hard board versus an inflatable. We’ll be offering these boards in a price point wood veneer construction as well as a lightweight carbon option for those parents who want the lightest and best for their children.

If you’re a SUP racer, SUP surfer, prone surfer, kitesurfer or windsurfer looking to support a home grown performance brand that only works with world class shapers and think you have the professionalism and skills to become a Loco rider or ambassador we’d love to hear from you. We’re poised to take Loco global and we want you guys to help us on that journey!!

Please send Joe an email with a covering letter / CV as well as any photos and video links for our consideration.

Words: Loco Surfing UK

Photos: Loco / Dan Sedgwick