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Clear SUP Rail Saver Tape

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Careless use of the paddle, especially when you’re learning, can lead to unsightly chips and marks on the rails of your boards. The best way of protecting your hard paddle board is to fit rail saver tape. It’s supplied in 2 x standard lengths and should be positioned half way up the nose from the front of a 3/4 deckpad and shouldn’t go much further back than about 12-18″ behind the centre point (standing area).

Protect your prized SUP with our Clear Rail Saver Tape! Designed for UK waters, this durable tape shields your board from scratches and dings, ensuring lasting performance.

To fit the tape it helps if you profile the width with some scissors so that you don’t have lots of excess around the thinner nose area. It also helps if you cut it down into 3-4 sections per rail and wet the rail first so you have some play before squeezing out all the air and water.

When we do our own boards we straddle the board on a bit of grass rail up and use a garden spray to wet the area then run a finger down the middle of a section before pushing air and water out from one end starting from the already stuck down middle and moving from one end to the other thumbs working out. 

Once you have all the air and water out (ideally with no crinkles) you ‘can’ give the whole length a light blast with a hair dryer to ‘vac bag’ it in place but do NOT leave the direct heat on too long!!

In the event that you need to remove your rail saver it helps if you warm up the glue with a hair dryer a bit first then it should peel back without incident.

Remember the tape has 2 backings so if you notice some coming off it’s usually just the top layer you forgot to peel off. A careful tug and you can usually get it all off in one piece.

Keep your rails in perfect condition with our high quality rail saver tape. Price includes 2 x lengths (1 for each rail). See main description for fitting instructions.

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  • 40+ years or artisan UK shaping experience - A board that has some soul in it just feels nicer underfoot, ask anyone
  • Choice of lightweight constructions - Boards for all budgets making our boards as accessible as possible
  • Choice of key sizes - We've been selling SUPs for 17yrs we know which ones sell. If you need advice we've got you 100% Free board bag - keep your prized possession in tip top condition with our premium UV resistant board bags.
  • Premium matching fins - All of our boards come with US centre boxes and FCS1 sides which makes them easily replaceable when you lose one.
  • Integrated GoPro FCS camera mount - capture that killer move or that dolphin encouter so you can post it on your socials
  • Integrated mast track for windsurfing - Plug in your sail and enjoy some lightwind wave sailing or go fast on flat(ish) water instead
  • Free UK Hand Delivery - We were sick of courier dings so we now pay a man with a van to lovingly drop them off for you.

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